The Ballot Box and the Inbox: 3 Tips to Stand Out in the Crowd

How is the Republican presidential field like an email inbox?

It’s crowded and noisy, and everyone in it wants to get noticed. FreshAddress has three tips to help you succeed, whether you aspire to the Oval Office or the corner office:

1. Vary the message.

Savvy politicians change up their messaging to keep their followers tuned in and to capitalize on breaking news or opponent attacks.

Your messaging should be equally flexible. This keeps your subscribers interested, even if they aren’t ready to buy right away.

Suppose you send five purchase-oriented emails in a week. Add content to one of those emails that explains how to buy or use your products successfully. Or, invite customers to post selfies with your products on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram channels.

2. Develop a distinctive design.

Donald Trump’s preposterous mane of golden hair stands out in a field full of carefully coiffed brunettes. Your email design should do the same (but in a good way).

Begin with a “from” name showing your brand or company name, whichever means most to subscribers. Add a subject line that tells readers what to do or expect in the email. Create an attractive, mobile-friendly email template that becomes your standard design. These elements also add trust.

3. Know your audience.

Politicians and marketers alike can be hurt if they consistently message to audiences that aren’t interested in them. But marketers have an advantage – FreshAddress’ suite of tools that lets them acquire new customers, reconnect with lost customers, remove potentially damaging addresses and keep their databases fresh and productive.

How can FreshAddress help *you* deliver winning campaigns to your targets inbox? Contact us for a quote or more information.

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