Email Blacklists: How They Work & How To Avoid Them

How to Avoid The Email Blacklist Nightmare

How Do Email Blacklists Work?

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There are a number of Spam Reporting and Email Blacklist services that the ISPs rely on to limit the amount of spam that is delivered to their customer’s inboxes. These Spam Reporting services typically use spamtraps as a means to flag the mail servers that are suspected of sending unsolicited email.

These spam trap email accounts are monitored closely and when a piece of mail arrives at any of them, the sending domain and IP address of the mail server that delivered the message is captured and added to an email blacklist. The ISP will use this information to suppress any incoming mail from that mail server.

What Happens When You Hit an Email Blacklist?

When a company becomes blacklisted, their email messages are not delivered, period. Its customers will not receive important billing statements, transactional emails, marketing emails -nothing until the listing is removed. It also leads to increased inquires to call centers from customers wondering why they didn’t receive a bill, or a payment confirmation, etc. Also, anyone who might have requested information about a service or products won’t receive the information they were expecting and could use a competitor instead.

Depending on the email blacklist, it can be a lengthy process to get de-listed. I heard of one case where a company agreed to a re-permissioning of their entire email file in order to be de-listed. You can imagine the lost revenue they experienced during the days of negotiation they had with this particular spam trap operator, and then the incurred costs for that re-permission process. Ultimately, they ended up with less than 1/3 of their original customer file they could continue to utilize. What a nightmare!

How to Avoid the Email Blacklist Nightmare

Many companies rely on the revenue garnered through email programs to boost their bottom line, and don’t want the risk of one or two bad emails throwing a wrench into their operations. Being able to catch problematic email addresses and correct typo’d email addresses before they enter your database will help you avoid potential blacklisting problems, decrease your bounce rate on new email registrations and help you retain customers. FreshAddress’s best in class email validation service, SafeToSend® will help you in this endeavor. Learn more.

SafeToSend Email Validation

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