Automated SafeToSend is Now Integrated with MailChimp

Mailchimp and FreshAddress

SafeToSend Mailchimp Integration

Do you use Mailchimp? Are you an Automated SafeToSend client?

If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, you’re in luck! FreshAddress has integrated with Mailchimp, allowing you to upload files for SafeToSend processing directly from your Mailchimp account, and when processing is complete, FreshAddress can upload the results back to your Mailchimp account!

MailChimp Email Validation Integration

Simply login into your client portal, click on “Send Data” under the “Data” heading and click the “Connect Mailchimp” button. Simply follow the instructions to authenticate your account and you’re ready to start sending lists.

SafeToSend MailChimp Interface

You can read the press release announcing this integration here: 

Stay tuned for more improvements and features slated to go live in the Client Portal this summer…..

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