June might be the best time of the year to be in Chicago as the lake sparkles, residents rejoice and celebrate the end of another Midwestern winter, the White Sox and Cubs’ seasons are at their peaks and—this year—the Stanley Cup Playoffs kicked off with a Blackhawks’ Game 1 victory. Add to that another draw: […]

What do Dustin Pedroia, of the Boston Red Sox, and FreshAddress have in common? The most obvious connection is the number 15. Pedroia wears it on his jersey and FreshAddress is celebrating it. So it seemed perfect to honor both our special birthday and our Boston roots with a contest giving away, an autographed #15 […]

Before I began working at FreshAddress, I don’t believe I ever uttered the word “deliverability.” It’s a bit of a tongue-twister, and easier spelled than spoken. Beyond training myself to pronounce those seven syllables, I learned about the challenges the marketers I work with face as they try to achieve the best possible performance in their […]

What do a Twitter post, a Vine snippet, a Facebook update, and a QR code have in common? They have all condensed something bigger— an experience, an ad, or an idea—into its most succinct and compact essence. This concentrated way of communicating larger themes has itself become a meme – “snackable content.” It’s popped up […]

We all use the catchphrase “spring cleaning,” but usually we’re talking about doing it around the house: hauling boxes of junk out of the basement, re-organizing the garage, power-washing porches, and raking the winter detritus from the yard to make way for summer plants and flowers. But it’s a seasonal project that’s appropriate for businesses […]

My children tease me about becoming a Pin(terest)-Head. My friends know that any conversation can result in me pulling out my iPhone to show my latest pinned favorites. Fabulous appetizer recipes? I have them pinned. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fingernails? They’re on my My Style board! The amazing rug I covet if only I had […]

More than ever before, businesses are flooded with information. Purchase histories, demographics, credit data, direct mail info, behavioral characteristics, and a plethora of other customer information are being amassed in different silos throughout every business organization. The problem, however, is that the data is not only being collected from various sources and channels, but is […]