How well do ESPs vet client email lists? We recently surveyed a group of leading ESPs to find out. Here’s what we learned: The short answer = NOT VERY. ESPs struggle to process big input lists under aggressive timelines when on-boarding new clients. They worry about the quality of data that clients provide. A lot. […]

Why FreshAddress Created List Vetting One of the biggest challenges facing our most sophisticated clients is their need to quickly assess the quality of large email lists. We want to make the process easier, faster and cheaper. We want to be you to be able to hand us an email list and have insights in […]

I’m really excited about the work the team here is doing on Emailium®. Now I can’t leak too many details, but I think a lot of our clients will be thrilled about how much easier we’re making it to view and access the one million plus emails from over 20 thousand brands (and always growing) […]

Product Corner: Email List Vetting Ever wanted to do a quick quality check on an email list? One of the challenges we hear from many ESPs and other clients is how hard it is to rapidly assess an unknown list prior to deployment. And wise email senders know how important it is to protect one’s […]

Product Corner: Have CASL fines gotten your attention? CASL appears to have some real teeth to it, as the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has recently levied fines for CASL violations involving unsolicited emails and emails sent without the opportunity to unsubscribe. See here and here for more details on the fines, which have ranged […]

Product Corner: Targeting Audiences on Facebook One of the priorities that we often see in various marketer surveys and anecdotal feedback is ‘de-siloing’ data and touching customers and prospects via whatever channel they are most comfortable with as they make their journey. As a Product Manager, this is really exciting to me because FreshAddress is […]

Product Corner: Always-on email list hygiene One of the things that gets our team excited is email hygiene; making sure that email marketers can safely contact their subscribers and drive ROI is a real passion for us. So I’m pumped to share a big innovation that FreshAddress is making in the email hygiene space. Many […]

Emailium® is a searchable index of millions of promotional email campaigns sent by tens of thousands of email marketers. It’s a great source of email design inspiration and competitive intelligence. Luckily, we have great users who aren’t shy about sharing their feedback. And we also have a great internal team that is super responsive and […]