Are you looking forward to this weekend’s Elite Eight games? Wouldn’t it be great if your email subscribers were as engaged as the fans of perennial powerhouses like UConn and Kentucky are? A winning team needs more than a 7-foot center. Your email program needs more than pretty pictures and snappy copy. Below are two […]

#Snowmaggedon2015, #Juno, #Snowpocalypse – whatever you want to call it, it’s all anyone’s been talking about for the past 48 hours. So, what can we learn, as marketers, from an event like this? Monopolize On Up-To-The-Minute Events We all saw timely emails with subject lines like “Snowed in? Here’s a free “sparknotes” version of 5 […]

Marketers seldom talk about this challenge. The answer is deceptively simple. Tell them something new. In other words, change up your messages. Find a more creative way to say, “Buy something.” Offer customers other ways to connect with you besides the checkout page. This is important because fatigued customers often become inactive subscribers. Skipping one […]

In a brand new white paper from FreshAddress and the Environmental Defense Fund’s Emily Stevenson, you will learn how nonprofits can leverage email to engage donors. Learn how nonprofits can most effectively utilize: Direct appeals & multichannel marketing List hygiene & maintenance Email Change of Address List segmentation & donor targeting Triggered emails/ content optimization […]

Every year since the advent of “Black Friday,” the fated day after Thanksgiving when shoppers become maniacs, plowing down doors at 6 AM for early bird specials, holiday shopping and sales have crept up earlier and earlier. This year, grocery and drugstores set up holiday displays weeks before Halloween. So, what can retailers do now […]

Here at FreshAddress, we are honored to work alongside two military veterans. In honor of Veteran’s Day, we decided to tell the military stories of Lori Collins, Director of our Nonprofit Group and Strategic Sales, and Jeremy Souza, Manager of our Email Hygiene Group and Business Development. Lori Collins, US Air Force Lori served in […]

FreshAddress Announces The Re-Launch Of Emailium, A Tool For Email Design, Email Marketing Statistics, and Email Intelligence FreshAddress is thrilled to announce a brand new email design and competitive research tool, Emailium®! A completely searchable database of over one million email messages across 9,000 brands, Emailium is changing the way email marketers create and send […]

FreshAddress recently worked with to complete a case study on how they used FreshAddress’s patented Email Change of Address (ECOA) service to increase ROI and get 10-15% of bounced users back. “Using those updated email addresses, the ROI has always worked out,” said K.C. Brotherton, Vice President of Revenue, Search, and Data at […]

As fall approaches, we wanted to take a moment to look back on our wonderful birthday month and thank our loyal customers, friends, and supporters for reaching out and celebrating 15 years with us. We had some great birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter, volunteered with Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston, looked back on the […]

Working at FreshAddress: Meet Gabby Pinto, Graphic Design Intern Gabby is entering her final year at Suffolk University this fall and we are thrilled to have her on the team. She has already helped the company with numerous design tasks since she started working at FreshAddress. Q: What’s your educational background? I got my associate’s […]