What Is A Spamtrap? A valid, deliverable email address that is exclusively used to receive unsolicited email Incoming messages are monitored by human or automated processes May be virginal (i.e. a new email address) or re-purposed (i.e. previously used by a person) Appearance-wise, may be indistinguishable from any normal email address  Who Creates Spamtraps? ISPs […]

Do you do any advertising on Facebook?  And are you using Facebook Custom Audiences? If yes, then consider this a sneak peek of an exciting new product for you… FreshAddress Audience Connector.  We are launching this product to solve the challenge of successfully identifying the exact Facebook members for your marketing campaign. What makes Audience Connector special: Tracks […]

Dear Mrs. Clinton, We were sorry to read that you’ve been having more email issues lately. Only 100,000 of 2.5 million email addresses on your 2008 campaign mailing list are still valid? Yipes! We can’t do anything about that business with the private email server, but we can fix this current problem. Here are a […]

Optimization is always on an email marketer’s mind. That was certainly the case earlier this month when I led a busy session on this topic at the Email Evolution Conference in Miami, Florida. One point to remember about email optimization is that it’s a continuous process with three distinct strategies: Maintain your best list through […]