Appending? ECOA? Check out these recent enhancements…

As a product manager, it’s easy for me to focus on the shiny new thing – the latest idea or an exciting new service. The ways we add value to or our existing services, however, are just as important. We’ve been asking ourselves, “How can we make our clients more successful? How can we help them reach their objectives more efficiently and effectively?”  To advance this, we took a look at our appending and ECOA services and decided it was time to make a few enhancements.

eSpend Score, which rates email addresses with a score from 0 – 100, predicts engagement and spending by a consumer at a particular email address. Now available as an add-on to our appending and ECOA services, it can be a powerful tool to help you make the most of your customer relationships and boost the performance of your campaigns.

To learn more about eSpend Score, check out our video

We’ve also responded to those who want more options to drive engagement and ROI from their append and ECOA projects. Clients can now harness the full power of email marketing through an extended outreach to customers or donors we’ve appended or updated. With this fantastic new feature, FreshAddress can help drive opt-ins, revenue, and ultimately, the relationships that fuel your business. If you want to leverage our expertise and knowledgebase to promote engagement and reach non-responders, reach out! We’d love to talk with you.

So, to our clients: your feedback matters! These are just two recent examples of how clients have challenged us to deliver more value from our existing services. We’re excited and look forward to helping you wrangle your email marketing needs.




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