Dear Mrs. Clinton,

We were sorry to read that you’ve been having more email issues lately. Only 100,000 of 2.5 million email addresses on your 2008 campaign mailing list are still valid? Yipes!

We can’t do anything about that business with the private email server, but we can fix this current problem. Here are a couple thoughts:

We hate to say it at this late date, but your first mistake was emailing that cold, cold list without checking the addresses first.

List churn eats up about 30% of your list every year as people switch to new email addresses or close out accounts. Our patented Email Change of Address (ECOA) service could have removed invalid, mistyped and deliverable-but-dangerous emails and then updated as many as possible before your team sent that first email.

Our email experts can tell you whether those bad addresses are truly undeliverable or if they triggered ISP-level actions that blocked your access.

ISPs reject messages to protect their users from spammers and malicious senders. Our email experts know how to look at the email addresses on your list and can tell you what’s really going on with your deliverability.

Be careful about using contact lists from other organizations.

They might be good allies; their lists, not so much. Permission is not transferable, so be sure to avoid emailing folks who don’t want to hear from you.

How about validating emails at opt-in?

Your website has a prominent email opt-in (good) and a prompt, mobile-friendly confirmation (also good). But how many emails are going astray because people mistyped their addresses? Our SafeToSend® service can validate addresses before they go into your database, thus keeping out more potential undeliverables.

We can offer much more to keep your email channel open for communications, donations and community building. Have your people contact our people. We’re standing by!

Email List Churn Epidemic

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