FreshAddress Announces The Re-Launch Of Emailium, A Tool For Email Design, Email Marketing Statistics, and Email Intelligence

FreshAddress is thrilled to announce a brand new email design and competitive research tool, Emailium®! A completely searchable database of over one million email messages across 9,000 brands, Emailium is changing the way email marketers create and send email campaigns.

Emailium - Email Design Inspiration

Emailium can be used for creative inspiration, competitive research, and brand monitoring. Email marketers can search the database of messages by industry, company, subject line, body text, color, send date, and ESP – or any combination of these fields. Emails are viewable with and without images, and full interactive HTML source code is provided on all emails.

This one-of-a-kind tool combines creative inspiration with competitive research, and includes the resources to easily export information for data analysis.

“The data side of Emailium is my favorite,” said product manager Mike Iarrobino. “When you export the results, you can see how often a particular company sends emails, what their preferred send time is, and what their email creatives look like. That’s really powerful information.”

So far, Emailium has satisfied users from major ecommerce sites, digital creative agencies, and ESPs. The user base is growing rapidly and FreshAddress is excited for the future of Emailium!

Visit to sign up today!

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