Once is not enough – ongoing email list hygiene is key to making your email marketing successful

You’re a hip, 21st century marketer, so you know that your email list is one of your key assets. You work hard to add targeted names, and you are careful to only send high-quality emails. But despite all this effort, your email list could be holding you back.

When Good Data Goes Bad

A one-time email address cleaning process is good, but things change! When you send an email and it doesn’t bounce, that doesn’t mean the next email won’t. And when you run an email hygiene process with a third party vendor, it’s no different – the results are a snapshot in time.

Where do these problems come from?

  1. Changes in the real world. Addresses flip from good to bad. (And then from bad to seemingly good, which can actually be worse!) You’re able to pick up some of this with your regular sending and DIY hygiene habits – but results will definitely vary. You may have a segment whose cadence varies significantly from your norm, opening you up to risks you didn’t know you had. Or you may send irregularly due to having a seasonal business, so that every upcoming season is like starting new.
  2. Improvements in flagging. No email database vendor can claim to remove ALL spamtraps, honeypots, and other problematic addresses; if they do, run very far away! The truth is that unearthing these addresses is the result of a constant forensics process that improves over time. At FreshAddress, an entire team is tasked with this, and we measure our success in the 10s or 100s of thousands of addresses per quarter that we add to our knowledgebase of problematic addresses.
  3. Systems breakdowns. Maybe IT or your ESP has told you that your bounce processing is rock solid – all bounces are removed quickly! But I’ve spoken to an alarming number of clients recently who have realized that the system isn’t working as intended and that they are still emailing addresses that should have bounced out a long time ago. Yikes! Because inactive addresses turn into bouncing addresses and then, sometimes, into spamtraps, this is a definite concern. Ongoing email protection provides an important audit of these systems, alerting you to potential issues before they become crises.

Keep It Clean with freshAddress list guard

It can be a lot of work to stay focused on email hygiene and protection. And with a litany of goals and metrics that marketers are measured by, these tasks can be an unwelcome distraction from other pressing initiatives.

The good news is that ongoing email protection can be painless.  To solve this problem, FreshAddress is announcing List Guard, an automated “behind the scenes” tool that keeps your lists constantly fresh.  List Guard runs in the background, scanning your list and only grabbing your attention when it spots a problem.

With List Guard, you spend your time building your list and your business, not trying to figure out why no one seems to get your emails.


So, how are you protecting your house file? Learn more about the ongoing email protection that List Guard can provide.

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