November 27 (Black Friday) and December 1 (Giving Tuesday) are rapidly approaching. Email sending volume will double over the next month. As a result, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that your emails are read by the largest possible audience.


Clean your Email List!

You WILL get more email INTO the INBOX with a clean, validated email list. It’s not the only factor in play here, but it’s a big one.

The process is fast and easy with FreshAddress. Start by running a free diagnostic to gauge the health of your list. If your scan uncovers problems, cleanse your list with our industry leading SafeToSend solution. This can all be done in under 24 hours in most cases. Get started today and have your email list ready to rock for the Q4 push.


Grow your Customer Email Database!

Need to improve your email reach before the holiday surge? Our Appending and ECOA solutions are the perfect way to dramatically expand your audience and to reconnect with lost customers. These projects require a bit more lead time to execute, so act fast!


Get Started

Contact us today to learn more and put your company in a position to generate more of the opens, clicks, and conversions it needs to thrive this holiday season. Have your email list ready to rock for the Q4 push!

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