How you fared with St. Nick often predicted what your Christmas gift haul would look like, but you had a few weeks to shape up. Similarly, the Black Friday-Cyber Monday madness is an excellent stress test for your email program. If some cracks showed up in your marketing plan, you should still have time now to correct or pivot.

Convert more visitors into subscribers

This is one of the biggest problems marketers have at this high-traffic time of year. If you saw significantly higher traffic to your websites during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday-Cyber Week marketing period but not a corresponding number of new email subscriptions, you need to find why and where the disconnect is happening.

These are three common causes (and 3 email opt-in fixes)

  1. People don’t see your email invitations. You’re either not posting enough email opt-in invites on your site, or you post them where people won’t see them, especially if they’re on mobile. Beg for a piece of high-visibility home page real estate if you have to (showing how much your email program drives acquisition, revenue or retention should help. Then, put that invite on every interior page – product pages, landing pages for search campaigns, customer service/FAQ, “about” and contact pages … anyplace someone might find you.
  2. You don’t present a clear value. Twenty years ago, when email had just begun driving revenue and recognition, it was cool to connect with your brands in the inbox. It’s not a novelty anymore. “Sign up for our email” isn’t the value proposition. What are you promising to deliver in return for their email addresses?(On a related note, what are you doing to make sure you are collecting a real and valued email address and not a bogus or throwaway? Slot in the FreshAddress’ SafeToSend® email validation service to build your database with genuine addresses.)
  3. The email opt-in process is too clunky, especially for mobile shoppers. Are they finding your subscription offers but not completing the process? Maybe your blank is too hard to find or fill out on a mobile phone, or you ask for too much information, or you need five or more steps to finish. If you haven’t upgraded your opt-in process in the last five years, see what you can do now to streamline it.

Doing a wholesale email opt-in upgrade probably isn’t realistic three weeks away from Christmas, but resolving a bottleneck, updating copy or testing a new location on your homepage might still be within reach.

This is your most lucrative time of the year, not just for revenue but also for acquiring new customers, so even a little investment of time can pay off big.

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