In my holiday letter a year ago, I hoped that in 2021 we’d be seeing each other in the office and at trade shows. That has not yet come to pass, so I am especially grateful for the significant milestones our company has achieved this year:

  • TowerData received a strategic investment from TZP Group, a private equity firm
  • TowerData merged with FreshAddress, to become the leading email marketing intelligence company
  • TowerData turned 20 years old this month, FreshAddress is now 21 years old as well.

We recognize that none of this would be possible without our wonderful customers and partners, new and old. You’ve shaped our product roadmap, inspired us with your enthusiastic use of our data, and built us up to reach this point with your patronage.

I’d also like to thank our staff; those people who’ve been with TowerData or FreshAddress for much of the 20-year journey to our new team members who bring a fresh sense of purpose to the organization. Their dedication to customer service and building best-in-class products have established us as the premier source for technology-driven email data solutions.

As we move into 2022, I can’t wait to leverage the combined strengths of TowerData and FreshAddress for our customers and partners. While we no longer can be considered a startup, the wind is at our backs and our team is the most excited it’s been in years. We have the confidence of the best email validation and hygiene service on the market plus the thrill of our new fraud prevention service which is quickly gaining traction.

We’re glad to have you with us on this new and exciting chapter in our journey. Have a safe and healthy holiday, and a happy New Year!

– Tom Burke, CEO

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