Email Marketing Strategy: Your One 2015 Email Resolution

Now, while the year is young, you might be tempted to write down a long list of things you must do to boost your email program.

But, like new fitness freaks who drop out after a couple of weeks, your to-do list can go by the wayside when you get caught up in day-to-day email business.

Instead, make just one resolution: Identify one strategy that could move your email program from “good” to “great,” and make it happen.

Below are four areas where small changes could yield measurable results. Where could you score an easy win this year?

1. Better email acquisition

Think outside the box (on your homepage). Put a benefit-based email invite everywhere a customer might find you: product, landing and checkout pages; on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn; even automated messages like order confirmations and payment reminders.

2. Improved database health

A big percentage of your database is made up of outdated and inactive addresses, even potential spam traps. Reviving good addresses and jettisoning bad ones will reduce waste and give you a stronger base for growth.

3. Cross-screen content

Mobile email has become the norm. Can your subscribers read and act on your emails on small screens as well as desktops? A few modifications might be all you need to generate more clicks and conversions.

4. More email revenue

A vitamin supplier launched a new revenue stream by added product suggestions to recurring subscription reminders. Another retailer redeemed more abandoned carts with an extra email reminder. Where could you generate more revenue by building on what you already offer?

May you have a happy and prosperous 2015, and let us know about your wins! @FreshAddress

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