1 Tactic to Get New Email Subscribers and 1 Way to Keep Them This Holiday Season

Happy Holidays

How To Keep & Attract Email Subscribers This Holiday Season

As an e-commerce marketer, you’ve probably tuned up your websites to handle all the traffic headed your way in the next few weeks. Is your email opt-in program equally ready to convert these visitors into email subscribers?

Naturally, you should have an email sign-up form wherever your customer will encounter you: home and product pages, social media accounts, in your mobile app, etc. But don’t stop there.

Serve up pop-overs

To attract attention and collect more email addresses, savvy retail marketers are using message overlays (“pop-overs”) that launch when the customer meets a condition, such as arriving at a page or moving to leave it. Here are three uses:

  1. First-time visitors: “New here? Sign up for email-only news and offers!”
  2. Repeat browsers: “Need more info? Share your email address, and we’ll send you a buyer’s guide.”
  3. Cart abandoners: “Give us your email address, and we’ll email your cart to you.”

Add a note that providing an email address constitutes consent to receive marketing messages. Voila! You just added another opt-in email subscriber.

But, you’ve also created a potential problem. More traffic = more opt-ins = more email failures.

Get email validation

An automated service like SafeToSend®, which checks for malformed, mistyped or undeliverable addresses, is essential in these frenzied weeks when shoppers are in a hurry, on their mobiles, or both.

SafeToSend® keeps undeliverable and “damaging but deliverable” addresses out of your database where they could wreak havoc – everything from reducing deliverability to getting blacklisted.

Here’s to a busy, profitable – and validated – holiday shopping season!

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