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June 26, 2017

Email Inspiration & Digital Showcase – Website Magazine

Email marketing database service FreshAddress recently announced the release of a tool that helps marketers create more effective campaign emails. The new Email Creative Archive (ECA) provides the ability to search and review more than 1 million campaign emails from over 9,000 brands. It's arguably the perfect tool for finding inspiration for email initiatives, discovering innovative design elements and providing an opportunity to see what other companies are up to as we
May 23, 2017

FreshAddress Releases Free Email Creative Archive to Inspire Marketers

FreshAddress, an email marketing database services provider, released Email Creative Archive (ECA), a free tool that helps marketers create more effective campaign emails. ECA enables marketers to search and review more than 1 million campaign emails from over 9,000 brands through more than 20 email service providers (ESPs). Brands and ESPs can assess best practice for copy, creative, and subject lines, to create good email messages.
May 22, 2017

FreshAddress Offers Free Email Archive

FreshAddress, a provider of email marketing database services, is offering the Email Creative Archive, a collection of over 1 million campaign emails from 9,000+ brands. The free archive will enable users to find creative copy ideas and design elements, and find out what competitors are doing, the company says.
January 31, 2017

DMA Nonprofit Journal Features FreshAddress’s Guide to Email Hygiene

The FreshAddress "Nonprofit Marketer's Guide to Email Hygiene" was recently featured in the DMA Nonprofit Federation's January 2017 Journal.


November 29, 2016

Return to Recipient — Email Deja Vu

Go ahead and resend that exact email campaign to many of the same recipients. That’s right — resending email campaigns works, says FreshAddress and Mailchimp. “Resending email campaigns to people who didn’t open the original message could raise the open rate 8.7 percent, Mailchimp said recently,” writes Kathleen Rogers on Nov. 15 on the FreshAddress blog. “Its data showed an average 26.7 percent open rate on the first send with the average 8.7 percent lift coming from the resend campaign.”

Here’s what she suggests marketers do in her post “Resending Email Campaigns: 6 Tips to Boost Your Results.”
October 25, 2016

Target Marketing: WWTT: Sweet Swag from DMA’s &THEN

Managing editor Melissa Ward was in sunny LA with some of the Target Marketing team attending the annual DMA &THEN conference this week. In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" she spends some time looking at what is often the favorite thing about conferences with exhibit halls: booth swag. First up, FreshAddress and their signature Ostrich.
October 7, 2016

20 of the Newest, Coolest Email-Marketing Tools for Driving Sales

FreshAddress – This is one of our favorite tools for building, cleansing, and optimizing email databases. As part of its cleansing tools, FreshAddress has a technology for detecting spam traps. Plus, with the company’s patented Email Change of Address, you can connect your web forms to check and validate new email addresses.

Email and Postal Appending, Email Validation, and Email Scoring are among the other services offered by the company. In our experience with list-cleansing tools such as these, you get what you pay for. And Fresh Address is competitive with the best.
June 2, 2016

Target Marketing Case Study: Often, Even Email Needs Validation

For its 2015 New Year’s resolution, Comindware vowed to improve its lead conversions and reduce its email bounce rate. Unlike most “resolutioners,” though, the enterprise software company saw results — 23 percent more lead conversions and 3 to 6 percent fewer bounces.

What the business with a U.S. office in Stoneham, Mass., did differently from other wish-list writers was to enlist help. Comindware hired its Newton, Mass., neighbor FreshAddress. The email marketing software and services vendor verified email addresses prospects themselves were getting wrong as they typed them into a form on the website.
May 9, 2016

FreshAddress & Oceanos Announce Strategic Partnership

FreshAddress, Inc., the leader in email marketing database services, and Oceanos, the data contact management experts, are excited to announce a strategic partnership formed to help B2B Eloqua and Marketo marketers maximize the return on their data acquisition efforts.
April 20, 2016

How To Market Successfully In A Digital World? Put Customers’ Needs First.

Customers are the heart and soul of every successful business. It’s been that way since businesses began to flourish in ancient Greek and Roman times.

Data hygiene has a huge impact on accurately understanding customers and responding to their digital actions. Spend time to make sure your data is clean. Remove old records, and update current contacts through internally driven programs or via third-party sources like FreshAddress.
April 19, 2016

How do I fix the reputation of my IP address?

By Erik Kangas, PhD, CEO of Lux Scientiae,® Incorporated - It happens — you’re sending email messages without issue, and then suddenly they’re not being delivered, or they’re being tagged as spam. A little digging reveals that the problem is that your “IP reputation” is now poor, and you need to fix it somehow.

Take your lists to FreshAddress, and use their SafeToSend® email address validation service. This will take your lists, sanitize it using all of the below methods, and then provide you with your new, improved, and supercharged lists.
February 11, 2016

How Facebook Custom Audiences brings new life to email

At the Email Evolution Conference late next month in New Orleans, experts will discuss how these Custom Audiences are merging email and social marketing. At the “Can Facebook Custom Audiences Replace Email Marketing?” session, part of the Social, Content & Data track, Austin Bliss, the president of email list curation company FreshAddress, will spill his secrets. Specifically, the session will reveal how marketing firm Nautilus leveraged the power of Facebook Custom Audiences to connect with prospects they’d normally be emailing.

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September 22, 2015

FreshAddress Launches Facebook Marketing Tool

“We’re helping marketers build out their custom audience,” said Austin Bliss, president of FreshAddress. “Some marketers have gotten into this [custom audience Facebook marketing] but they’ve realized it’s hard to build out your custom audience because you need to identify them by email address.

“Two problems: One you might not even have an email address for your customer. The second problem is you might have an email address for your customer that doesn’t match their Facebook email address,” he said. “Those are two problems that marketers have been having with Facebook custom audiences and we can help solve them.”
February 4, 2015

The Right Connections: EEC Panel Talks Email Strategy

“Email is marketing’s connective tissue of mass media and direct response channels,” said Karen Talavera, President of Synchronicity Marketing, as she moderated an EEC2015 panel discussion titled “The Latest Creative and the Latest Creative and Response-Optimization Innovations in Email.”

“It’s important to maintain your best possible list,” says Austin Bliss of FreshAddress. This means that you have to continuously clean your lists for the best responses. “The best list – the one that everyone wants is deliverable and engaged,” says Bliss.
January 28, 2015

What We Learned About Email Marketing From The #BlizzardOf2015

#Snowmaggedon2015, #Juno, #Snowpocalypse – whatever you want to call it, it’s all anyone’s been talking about for the past 48 hours. So, what can we learn, as marketers, from an event like this?

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December 19, 2014

FreshAddress Sends a Holiday Video Greeting

I’m glad this video was in my inbox today: FreshAddress made my holiday season a little happier!
December 15, 2014

DM News eBook, One Tough Question: Email Marketing – Get Past Holiday Email Fatigue

Leaders in email marketing, including our president Austin Bliss, tackle one tough question: Come January, how can marketers, whether B2B or B2C, get past recipients' email fatigue to reengage them and get their attention?
October 9, 2014

FreshAddress Enters Email Intelligence Fray

Email data-services firm FreshAddress today announced the relaunch of an email competitive-intelligence service.
October 9, 2014

FreshAddress Announced Email Design & Competitive Research Tool

FreshAddress announces the acquisition and re-launch of Emailium, an email design and competitive research tool.
September 18, 2014

[Infographic] The History of Email 1999 to Now

This infographic from FreshAddress shows history of email since 1999 till now.
August 25, 2014

FreshAddress Celebrates its 15th Year Anniversary

FreshAddress announced recently that August 2014 marks the company’s 15 year anniversary of its founding.
August 18, 2014

DMA Nonprofit Federation Email Marketing Panel

FreshAddress presented with Chapman Cubine Adams +Hussey (CCAH), the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) on a panel teaching nonprofit organizations how to leverage their email list during the Direct Marketing Association Nonprofit Federation (DMANF) NY Nonprofit Conference.
June 12, 2014

FreshAddress Processes Four-Billionth Email Address

FreshAddress, a provider of email database services in Newton, recently celebrated a big milestone: it processed its four-billionth email address.

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October 17, 2013

Top Strategies for Capturing Email Addresses

This list was part of the presentation by Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress, the email address hygiene and validation service, in the DMA13 Email Marketing Post Conference Workshop.
October 4, 2013

FreshAddress Acquires Multivariate Testing Tool

The Magill Report

Data-services firm FreshAddress today announced it has acquired EmailTestbox, a multivariate testing tool that it claims can identify email images that are drawing the most opens and clicks as campaigns are sent, and adjust the creative for yet-to-be-opened emails accordingly.
April 30, 2013

Sure, Email More; But Not Your Whole File: Experts

The Magill Report
Not all email addresses are created equal. As a result, while some experts don’t necessarily disagree with the concept of sending email more frequently if it results in a revenue lift, they do not recommend sending more frequently to every address on the house file.
March 29, 2013

How E-mail Shopper Profiling Can Boost Revenue

by Mike Iarrobino
With consumers being increasingly budget conscious in today's sluggish economy, retailers are constantly looking for ways to boost revenues. Current customers who have opted to receive e-mail sales and promotions can be the insight that retailers are looking for.
March 6, 2013

FreshAddress launches new product to help retailers categorize customer emails

Boston Business Journal
FreshAddress Inc., a provider of email database services in Newton, recently launched a new product aimed at tracking and categorizing customers' emails for retailers.
February 27, 2013

The Value of a Number

Direct Marketing News
One of the challenges of marketing are the “blind spot” that fall between customer data and activity, according to Michael Iarrobino, product manager of FreshAddress. What's more, customers' inactivity may actually be the result of a marketer's approach to segmentation or messaging, he says.
February 25, 2013

Valuing Email Addresses and Scoring a List

Email addresses have a shelf life. Nearly a third of them go bad every year. Some email addresses are gold, others are duds, and some only behave the way you want them to at particular times of the year. What's a marketer to do?
February 12, 2013

FreshAddress Unveils Email Scoring Service

The Magill Report
Email-database-services company FreshAddress last week unveiled a service it claims can measure the likelihood certain email addresses are used by a person likely to spend money.
February 7, 2013

FreshAddress Launches eSpend Score

Internet Retailer
eSpend Score measures likelihood to spend through the e-mail channel at a particular e-mail address.
January 3, 2013

Creating Synergy Between Social Media and Email Marketing

Chief Marketer
by Eve Bould and Jeremy Laverdiere
The rise in popularity of social media doesn't mean the demise of email marketing. In fact, social media has the potential to elevate the effectiveness of email when the two are integrated wisely. Each channel has a valuable role to play. Social is an ideal tool for informal, organic "conversations," lead generation, branding, and content sharing. Email, on the other hand, is well-suited for one-to-one business communications and targeted marketing messaging. Social's value lies in opening the door to new relationships, while email's value lies in nurturing relationships and closing the deal.

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December 21, 2012

Waltham man wins $3K prize in FreshAddress contest

From Boston Business Journal:
Alex Vongphakdy of Waltham was less than 31 minutes off in his prediction of when Newton-based FreshAddress Inc. would process its 3 billionth email address - closer than any other contestant - and has earned $3,000 as a result.
December 3, 2012

How Marketers Can Benefit From Email Database Services

eMarketing and Commerce
When you work and live in the email world, email marketing becomes the prism through which you look at life — and the news! That's why email marketers were so eager to analyze the recent presidential campaigns. Based on statements made by their strategy teams, President Obama's email database entries and outreach efforts outnumbered that of Mitt Romney's by 20 to one. Yes, 20 to one! With mere percentage points separating the winner from the loser in "all or nothing" electoral vote swing states, it's easy to see the impact email marketing had on the outcome of this election.
September 27, 2012

Newton tech firm gives away $3,000 in guessing contest

From Boston Business Journal:
FreshAddress Inc., a Newton, Mass. email database services provider, is giving away $3,000 to the person who can best predict the time and day when the company will process its three-billionth email.
May 14, 2012

7 Tips For Effectively Managing Email Lists

From BtoBonline.com:
List management isn't sexy. Most people equate the activity with an annual dental cleaning: necessary, but not exactly fun. And yet a marketer's list is one of the single most valuable things it has, ranking right up there with an unlimited budget and million-dollar ideas. And yet one expert says that marketers aren't thinking about lists enough or are thinking about them in the wrong way.
April 12, 2012

How to Increase Email Response Rates

From MultiChannel Merchant: Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress, and other email marketing experts address the question: What are you doing to increase email response rates?
April 11, 2012

FreshAddress Launches SafeToSend? Email Deliverability Solution

With the launch of SafeToSend?, FreshAddress solves email marketers' most pressing challenges: deliverability and performance. Available via real-time or batch processing, SafeToSend? eliminates bouncing email addresses, corrects registration errors and flags toxic email addresses, such as spamtraps, for removal. The three-step process maximizes deliverability and email marketing ROI
April 10, 2012

FreshAddress Unveils ‘SafeToSend’ Hygiene Service

The Magill Report
Database services firm FreshAddress today announced it has launched a new email deliverability service.
Dubbed SafeToSend, the service confirms whether an email address is valid, corrects mistyped entries, and screens for so-called toxic email addresses, such as spamtraps, honeypots and role accounts, according to FreshAddress.
January 31, 2012

Shocker: FreshAddress Goes Opt-In

The Magill Report
In a significant about face, email append firm FreshAddress has switched its business model to opt-in based—or at least as opt-in based as its executives believe it can go and remain a viable company.
The move comes amid an increasing amount of scrutiny the practice of email-appending has been under in recent months.
January 24, 2012

Revamped Email Program Helps Hunter Douglas Resellers Connect With Prospects

From Chief Marketer
January 1, 2012

Direct-mail heavy nonprofits apply an integrated approach

Direct Marketing News
Direct mail has long been the prime channel for nonprofit organizations looking to raise funds, but as charities move into 2012 and beyond, marketers say marrying these messages with outreach through other media is becoming an essential part of the nonprofit marketing mix.

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October 20, 2011

Establishing an effective email append strategy

BtoB Online
Email append—the action of matching up email addresses from an outside source with contacts already in a database to market to them—has taken a beating in the press recently. However, experts maintain that, done correctly, email append, or e-appending, can provide benefits for both marketers and their customers. Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress Inc., and Mitch Rubin, president of email and database marketing company Applied Information Group, identified one “secret” and exposed one “lie” that will help marketers gain traction with an email append strategy.
August 15, 2011

Silos are Made to be Broken

BtoB Online
More than ever, businesses are flooded with information. Purchase histories, demographics, credit data, direct mail info, behavioral characteristics and a variety of other customer information is being amassed in different silos throughout every business organization. The problem is that these data are being saved in various forms and places as well.
April 15, 2011

Email List Hygiene: Remove four kinds of bad addresses to improve deliverability

Marketing Sherpa Blog
Your email database is the foundation of your email marketing. Haphazardly adding names can invite irrelevant subscribers and invalid email addresses — which weaken your foundation.
Inspired by our upcoming Optimization Summit, I went back to my notes from our recent Email Summit to reinforce what I learned about email deliverability. I found some great information on bad email addresses and list hygiene from an expert panel.
April 7, 2011

Groupon: What’s Really Under the Hood?

The Magill Report
Just a little over two years ago, Groupon sent out its first deal, a half-price offer for pizzas in the restaurant on the first floor of its building in Chicago. Today, having recently rejected Google’s offering of $5.3 billion to acquire the company, it is currently exploring an IPO some analysts are valuing at $10+ billion. With 50 million subscribers world-wide, Groupon is currently on a buying binge, trying to gobble up as many collective-buying clones as possible across the world in an effort to build scale and eliminate its competition.
April 4, 2011

How to Prevent an Email Security Breach

From MultiChannel Merchant
March 23, 2011

Ace Hardware Adds to its Email Database

Internet Retailer
Ace Hardware had a problem. It had 20 million members in its Ace Rewards loyalty program, but far fewer e-mail addresses than that because the program predated e-mail. That meant the retail chain hadn’t collected e-mail addresses for many of its members when they signed up for the program.
But, with the help of e-mail database vendor FreshAddress, the multichannel hardware retailer has found e-mail addresses for 25% of the members with missing e-mail addresses. Ace also found current addresses for more than half of its members that had changed e-mail addresses since they signed up.
March 1, 2011

Non-Latin Characters Available for Email Marketers Email Essentials

From Chief Marketer Email Essentials
February 15, 2011

4 Things I Learned at the Email Evolution Conference eM+C

eMarketing and Commerce
I just got back from the 2011 Email Evolution ConferenceOpens in a new window in sunny South Beach. The fourth annual event, sponsored by the Direct Marketing Association's Email Experience CouncilOpens in a new window (EEC), didn't disappoint. I met many of my "virtual" contacts in person, did some networking, gathered some interesting content for our e-newsletters and acquired leads for future articles. There was a positive vibe about email in general at the event, with more than 500 attendees and exhibitors milling around the Eden Roc Resort. Here are four takeways from the conference:
February 10, 2011

Track Down ‘Drive By’ Website Visitors Direct Marketing News

Direct Marketing News
Capturing valuable data about potential customers who have shown enough interest to visit your website is crucial to succeed in today's industry.
Many marketing and e-commerce companies rely on traditional methods, such as providing information to ignite future sales and recommending other like-minded buyers, to entice “drive-by” visitors to return and purchase products. However, these methods don't always lead to ideal results.
February 2, 2011

2 Approaches to Facebook’s ‘Social Inbox’

Target Marketing Tipline
While marketers adjust to the merging of social networks and email platforms, they should keep an eye on the new messaging option from one of the biggest social media companies around—Facebook Messages debuted on Nov. 15.
The launch received much fanfare, but marketing vendors report that their clients aren't yet being impacted by the new platform. With that in mind, vendors interviewed for this story think marketers should be paying attention to the developments.
January 1, 2011

From Hotmale.com to Honeypots 7 successful strategies to build your opt-in email database Target Marketing

Whether your business is B-to-B,
B-to-C or both, building an opt-in email database of your customers and prospects is of paramount importance. In the early days of the Internet, gaining
opt-in email addresses was easy -- people were excited to receive email...

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December 28, 2010

An up-to-date email list can trump even search engine marketing

Direct Marketing News
by Bill Kaplan, CEO
What could be better for an online marketer than being able to tell his or her boss that their company's keywords have propelled it to the No. 1 spot on Google?
September 28, 2010

The List Churn Epidemic: How to Diagnose, Treat and Immunize your Database Direct Marketing News E-mail Insider

"Thirty percent of your house list changes their email addresses annually or becomes inactive." This familiar statistic refers to an infectious disease commonly known as "list churn." Every email database suffers from it."
August 5, 2010

Retailers fail to detect faulty e-mail registrations on websites Internet Retailer

Online retailers do a poor job of weeding out invalid e-mails consumers register at web sites, dealing a blow to e-mail marketing plans and decreasing revenue, according to a recent study from FreshAddress, whose services help marketers keep their e-mail lists current and accurate.
July 14, 2010

It’s All About Who You Know DM News E-mail Marketing Weekly

As we know, email marketing is one of the most valued tools in direct marketing. But, with a high turnover rate in changes of email addresses, customers can fall into a black void, presenting a great challenge for companies who don't want to lose them.
July 13, 2010

Traditional Print Catalog Seller Goes Digital B2B Magazine

Successories.com is a manufacturer and marketer of specialty products in the motivation and inspiration field. Perhaps its best-known products are those evocative posters, combined with inspirational sayings, that are ubiquitous in many offices.
June 16, 2010

E-mail Address Verification Helps SBLI Save More Leads Target Marketing Tipline

Savings Bank Life Insurance of Massachusetts is a marketer's marketer: The century-old firm's direct sales force gets all of its leads from the marketing team.

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October 1, 2009

Building a File from Retail Names

From MultiChannel Merchant
September 15, 2009

Building & Updating Your Email Database

Journal of the DMA NonProfit Federation
by Rita Allen, Manager, Nonprofit Group
If you are responsible for maintaining your well deserved and valued relationships with your donors and advocates, you should step into the waters of building your email files with serious caution. With the available social networking oportunities exploding daily, it's difficult to know how best to develop online relationships with your constituents without alienating them in the process...
July 31, 2009

Here today, here tomorrow

Internet Retailer
E-commerce has taken on added importance for retailers during the recession. And nearly 5,000 gathered in Boston for IRCE 2009 to learn how to better leverage the web in the coming recovery.
June 19, 2009

How E-Retailers Can Avoid The E-Mail Spam Folder

Internet Retailer
E-retailers spend a great deal of time and effort on developing captivating, creative e-mails. So it’s naturally frustrating when a merchant finds that many of its messages are being sent directly to the junk box. Austin Bliss, president of FreshAddress, offered tips on how e-retailers can avoid getting caught in the dreaded spam filter during his presentation at the Internet Retailer 2009 Conference & Exhibition...
June 9, 2009

How One Mailer Switched to E-Mail and Thrived

All About ROI
by Jodi Baier, Marketing Manager
Could you survive the switch from direct mail to e-mail? The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) (FreshAddress client) did just that — and lived to tell about it at a session during the Annual Conference for Catalog & Multichannel Merchants (ACCM) in New Orleans last month...
June 4, 2009

Cutco Cutlery sharpens its e-mail list to engage profitable customers

Internet Retailer
With millions of customers but e-mail addresses for less then 3% of them, Cutco Cutlery worked with FreshAddress to build its customer e-mail list and identify customers most likely to respond to marketing campaigns...
June 2, 2009

Managing Email Addresses in B2B: How to Increase Email Coverage of Your Customer Base

by Ruth Stevens
Most B2B companies have email addresses for only a fraction of their customers. What are the options for business marketers to increase their customer coverage via email? The cheapest and fastest route to jump-start your email-address collection is via data append. Best practice: select a reputable vendor, such as FreshAddress...
May 27, 2009

Top 10 E-mail Appending Mistakes to Avoid

by Jodi Baier, Marketing Manager
E-mail appending?where a vendor attempts to match e-mail addresses in its database to postal addresses in a client company?s house file?is a quick and effective way to build an e-mail database. It can be a brilliant marketing tactic or a customer relations debacle. This article is a frank look at ten common mistakes made by marketers trying to grow their lists...
May 19, 2009

Off the Beaten Path: 5 Uncommon Ways to Build an E-mail List

Chief Marketer
by Jodi Baier, Marketing Manager
Every day, e-mail marketers are trying valiantly to build their house lists with valid addresses. We solicit Web registrations, fight battles with other departments, and basically do everything we can to build our list. Or do we? ...
May 15, 2009

Data And What Donors Don’t Know

NonProfit Times
Data and its implications was the topic of an NPT Executive Session roundtable, held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Rita Allen, Manager, Nonprofit Group, FreshAddress, and other industry leaders offer key insights about data -- what's being collected, what’s being used, and future trends...
May 1, 2009


Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress, gets back to email marketing basics...
March 13, 2009

E-mail Still Vital, Despite a Social Media World

Mass High Tech
by Galen Moore
While online social media networks has surpassed e-mail use, e-mail remains a primary point of customer contact for many companies. Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress, weighs in on e-mail database best practices...
March 2, 2009

Effective Marketing in 2009

The Big Fat Marketing Blog
Chief Marketer
From MultiChannel Merchant
February 1, 2009

Operation Retention: How to Keep Your E-Mail Housefiles Healthy

Target Marketing
by Austin Bliss
As a marketer, you work hard every day to grow your email list. Unfortunately, not all the data you gather is sound. And what happens over time? Even healthy lists begin to deteriorate. It’s up to YOU to keep your email housefiles healthy.
January 1, 2009

Welcome to the Murky World of E-mail List Sales

by Ken Magill
You're getting pitched on an e-mail appending deal and the price is spectacularly low, the promised match rate ridiculously high. Too good to be true? Yes, says Austin Bliss, president of appending firm FreshAddress...
January 1, 2009

Efficient B-to-B E-mail Marketing

by Ruth P. Stevens
How can business marketers reach more of their customers by e-mail? The cheapest and fastest way to boost an e-mail address collection is data appending. For pennies per record, you can expect to append valid e-mail addresses to about 10% to 30% of your file. Some best practices: Select a reputable vendor, such as FreshAddress...
January 1, 2009

Email: What’s Inside?

by Jessica Tsai
There are several layers to effective email messaging. Delivery is the first one; getting customers to open and act on emails is another...

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December 30, 2008

Of Drivable Airplanes, Hair-Raising, OLPC, Card-Counting, Black Silicon, & More: New England’s Top Innovation Stories of 2008

What did the New England innovation community devote itself to, struggle with, and just plain obsess over in 2008? ...the real story behind the movie 21 was among the top picks...
December 16, 2008

Capturing Invalid E-mail Addresses? Maybe It’s Your Site

Multichannel Merchant
From MultiChannel Merchant
December 2, 2008

Web Budgeting: What Makes Sense Right Now, Part 2 of 3

Catalog Success
by Jim Coogan
E-mail marketing has become a major sales and profit driver for merchants. FreshAddress provides a full suite of e-mail list hygiene, e-mail change of address and e-mail append solutions for companies to build and update their e-mail address databases...
November 26, 2008

FreshAddress Acquires E-mail Change of Address Business

Newton TAB
FreshAddress, a Newton-based provider of permission-based email change of address services, has signed an agreement to purchase Return Path's ECOA business...
November 3, 2008

FreshAddress and Return Path’s ECOA Join Forces

While the FreshAddress/Return Path deal seems to signify a focus on vendor specialization, there's a push toward consolidation in the market...
October 31, 2008

FreshAddress acquires Return Path’s e-mail change of address business

by Dianna Dilworth
FreshAddress, an e-mail change of address services firm, has signed an agreement to purchase Return Path's ECOA business in an undisclosed deal, a move to create a centralized database of consumer e-mail address updates...
October 31, 2008

FreshAddress Buys E-mail Address-Change Service From Rival Return Path

Internet Retailer
FreshAddress Inc. announced yesterday a deal to buy the e-mail updating service from rival Return Path. The deal combines the two leading e-mail change of address services, says Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress...
October 31, 2008

FreshAddress Acquires E-mail Change of Address Assets from Return Path

BtoB Magazine
by Chris Hosford
FreshAddress, a provider of permission-based e-mail change of address services, has signed an agreement to acquire those services from competitor Return Path...
October 30, 2008

FreshAddress Acquires Email Change of Address (ECOA) Business Unit from Return Path

Acquisition consolidates worldwide email change of address services under one roof...
October 30, 2008

FreshAddress Acquires Return Path’s ECOA Unit

E-mail appending firm FreshAddress announced today it has signed an agreement to purchase deliverability concern Return Path?s e-mail change of address business....
October 28, 2008

The Secret to E-mail Success: No ‘Garbage In; Garbage Out’

DMNews Essential Marketing Guide
by Jodi Baier, Marketing Manager
Jodi contributes insights related to the importance of continuously updating email lists and improving email validation (p.45)...
October 21, 2008

‘Tis the Season for Nonprofits: Prepare Your E-mail Database for Holiday Fundraising

by Rita Allen, Manager Nonprofit Group, FreshAddress
Does your nonprofit have low response rates? High bounce rates? Spam complaints? Is your organization at risk of being blacklisted by major ISPs? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, consider this the season to clean your data...
September 18, 2008

Stat Source

Retail Email Blog
Stat: The typical Internet retailer who emails its house list loses almost $7 million per year in net revenues due to invalid email entry on their websites, per a recent FreshAddress study...
September 7, 2008

UNT Launches Six Degrees Campaign to Reconnect With Alumni, Friends

North Texas e-News
According to reports from Mass.-based FreshAddress, which holds patents for e-mail change-of-address technology, 30 percent of the U.S. population creates a new e-mail address each year...
September 4, 2008

Avoid Stupid E-Mail Tricks

BtoB Magazine
There are also some good commercial services that look for dead domains or addresses that don’t exist. FreshAddress is one such service...
August 26, 2008

Shop.org Summit Hosts E-commerce Experts

National Jeweler Network
E-commerce experts, including Austin Bliss of FreshAddress, will discuss and review the effectiveness of Website strategies during "Critic's Corner" sessions at Shop.org's Annual Summit...
August 21, 2008

The Dummies Prove a Point

How well does your subscription process handle improperly entered—or clearly malicious—email addresses? If the findings presented in a whitepaper by FreshAddress are any indication, the answer might be: not so well...
August 5, 2008

Getting in the Inbox

No one likes to be rejected, especially when it means your business is being rejected too. Austin Bliss of FreshAddress discusses problems with email deliverability and how to overcome it. Check out Austin’s advice in his WPN interview with Mike McDonald...
August 1, 2008

Luck is for Losers

INC Magazine
By Leigh Buchanan
What Bill Kaplan is accomplishing at FreshAddress draws on skills he mastered while running the MIT Blackjack teams. In this feature article, Kaplan explains his approach to business, based on 15 years of winning at blackjack…
July 17, 2008

Study: E-mail registration errors costly for marketers

BtoB Magazine
FreshAddress Inc., an e-mail database services provider, last week released its 2008 study assessing top e-tailers’ ability to catch e-mail registration errors....
July 11, 2008

Study highlights importance of email validation systems for businesses

Business Strata
According to FreshAddress, failure to block invalid emails during the registration process may mean that businesses are wasting their marketing budget on sending email marketing to non-existent destinations...
June 12, 2008

Live from DMDNY: Tips for Building Your E-mail List

Multichannel Merchant
From MultiChannel Merchant
June 11, 2008

Real-Time Email Address Validation: Build or Buy?

by Bill Kaplan, CEO, and Jodi Baier, Marketing Manager, FreshAddress
Marketing and IT have spent countless hours on an email campaign and they're ready to let it fly. But are they? What's the surest, most cost-effective way to optimize landing pages with real-time email validation to verify and spell-check email entries? Build or buy?...
June 10, 2008

FreshAddress Study Confirms Email Registration Errors Are Costing E-Tailers Millions

Internet Retailer
When consumers enter invalid emails at the point of registration, e-tailers’ bottom line suffers; email address validation services are key to success...
June 1, 2008

Bloomingdale’s to bag By Mail books

MultiChannel Merchant
From MultiChannel Merchant
June 1, 2008

E-Appending Done Right

Multichannel Merchant
From Multichannel Merchant
May 27, 2008

Why I?m Not Blogging From the Email Insider Summit

MediaPost's Email Insider
Email Diva, Melinda Krueger, reports on some key key takeaways from The Insider Summit, including how Fresh Address can update email addresses even when the physical address is unknown...
May 1, 2008

E-mail Appending Examined

Target Marketing
Dave Fallon, Internet marketing strategist at L-com Connectivity Products, recently partnered with FreshAddress and achieved a 22% lift in response to his company’s e-mail programs. Fallon discusses who should consider e-mail appending, best practices for choosing a provider, and appending etiquette...
April 27, 2008

MIT Takes Harvard to School

Boston Globe
Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress, leads a seminar at Harvard University designed to get students thinking about taking risks in business and beyond...
April 24, 2008

Kaplan, Muse of Film ’21’, Uses Blackjack Theory at Work

Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress Inc., and a co-founder of the blackjack team upon which the recent movie "21'' was based, talks with Bloomberg's Tom Keene about the film, parallels between his life and the movie, and the application of blackjack game theory in business...
April 23, 2008

Live Interview With Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress

WCVB-TV Boston
NewsCenter 5's Ed Harding chatted with Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress, about his role in the MIT Blackjack Team, which inspired the new hit movie, ?21?...
April 6, 2008

House of Cards

Boston Globe
By Drake Bennett
An in-depth look at the 2002 nonfiction bestseller Bringing Down the House, the crowd-pleasing, albeit embellished, story of the MIT Blackjack Team co-founded by FreshAddress CEO Bill Kaplan...
April 6, 2008

First Monday Briefing: 5 Questions

USA Today
An interview by Del Jones, USA TODAY, with Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress...
April 6, 2008

First Monday Briefing: 5 Questions

ABC News.com
An interview by Del Jones, USA TODAY, with Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress...
April 2, 2008

From MIT Blackjack to E-Mail Databases: We Catch Up with the Other Micky Rosa

by Wade Roush
Judging from his past, Bill Kaplan no doubt thinks FreshAddress has better than house odds of eventually conquering the e-mail attrition problem...
April 1, 2008

Newton Man Provides Inspiration for Kevin Spacey’s Character in ’21’

The Metrowest Daily News
by Chrissie Long
Not too many people know about Bill Kaplan’s (CEO of FreshAddress) card-playing past. He’s kept it a secret from his co-workers, friends and neighbors...
March 1, 2008

Spring Cleaning: Time to Tend to Your Email Database

Journal of the DMA Nonprofit Federation
by Rita Allen, Nonprofit Group Manager at FreshAddress
March 1, 2008

eAnswers: Lists, Frequency, Organic Search

If you’re going to mail your entire list, you should look at a service to keep your records clean. FreshAddress is a good place to start...

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December 1, 2007

It’s Not Your Daddy’s Nonprofit Anymore

Journal of the DMA Nonprofit Federation
by Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress
November 16, 2007

Lazy PR People, or Improper E-mail Appends?

Multichannel Merchant
From MultiChannel Merchant
October 24, 2007

Best of DMA07

Target Marketing
Target Marketing Group?s ?Best of DMA07? coverage includes a podcast featuring Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress, entitled "E-mail Marketing and Child Protection Laws"...
October 18, 2007

Wall of Questions

eec Blog
Before DMA07, the eec solicited questions from its members and subscribers, promising to recruit email experts to answer those questions. Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress, is among those experts...
October 3, 2007

Deliverability Wisdom from ClickZ Specifics Conference

eec Blog
Based on what Chad White saw at the ClickZ Specifics: Email Marketing conference, deliverability remains the hot topic. Here is some of the wisdom that he jotted down...
October 1, 2007

Straight-on e-mail

Multichannel Merchant
From MultiChannel Merchant
September 17, 2007

Why Your E-mails Are Blacklisted

Multichannel Merchant
From MultiChannel Merchant
September 6, 2007

Email Deliverability – Contributing Factors

Austin Bliss comments on interactive marketing and database management strategies. TheCenter@NCDM is a cutting-edge resource for e-marketers and an ideal laboratory for thought leaders to cook up the next great best practice in database marketing. Join in and openly interact with the community through blogs, articles, and InstaPolls...
August 14, 2007

Bill Kaplan of FreshAddress Discusses Counting Emails (And Counting Cards)

Search, Marketing, & Musings: The Rimm-Kaufman Group Blog
Bill Kaplan of FreshAddress talks about the future of email marketing, ECOA, misplacing $125,000 in cash, and hanging out with Kevin Spacey...
August 8, 2007

West Marine’s Craig Ajeska on E-mail Hygiene

Target Marketing
by Kate DeBevois
Craig Ajeska, director of database marketing for West Marine, a Watsonville, Calif.-based multichannel marketer of boating supplies and FreshAddress client, shares his insights on e-mail hygiene and accessing the inbox...
August 7, 2007

E-Mail Marketing: Managing Clients Who Behave Badly

Chief Marketer
From Chief Marketer
July 1, 2007

Avoid the Postal Hike Blues: Green Your Operations and Avoid the Postal Hike Blues With E-Mail Appending

Journal of the DMA Nonprofit Federation
by Austin Bliss, President,
and Rita Allen, Manager Nonprofit Group
p5: For charitable organizations, raising funds has become more difficult than ever. The solution is to convert your offline donors to multichannel donors, and reach them through e-mail...
July 1, 2007

How Fit Is Your E-mail Program?

Target Marketing
by Hallie Mummert
The size of your e-mail file is not as important a measure of the health of your program as the engagement level of the file," states Austin Bliss, president of FreshAddress...
June 21, 2007

Live From DMDNY: Be Relevant; Don’t Look Spammy, Panelists Say

by Ken Magill
Sending relevant massages and making sure e-mail messages don't look to an Internet service provider like they're spam are the keys to getting e-mail delivered...
June 21, 2007

Best practices get e-mail delivered: DM Days’ panel

by Dianna Dilworth
A clean list, good content and good sending practices are the way to get into your customers inbox...
June 20, 2007

DMEF Recognizes Young Talent, Launches Donor Program

"DMEF Recognizes Young Talent, Launches Donor Program"
June 13, 2007

Avoid the Postal Hike Blues: Green Your Operations and Avoid the Postal Hike Blues With E-Mail Appending

Journal of the DMA Nonprofit Federation
by Austin Bliss and Rita Allen
For charitable organizations, raising funds has become more difficult than ever...
June 4, 2007

Bounce-proof Your E-mail Lists

Multichannel Merchant
From MultiChannel Merchant
May 17, 2007

The Pre DM Days New York 07 Show, Parts I & II

Webmaster Radio
DMA’s vice president for interactive and emerging media Lou Mastria and DMA Group Show Director Paul McDonough host the Pre DM Days special for the upcoming New York show on June 19th through the 21st. Appearing on the program are FreshAddress President, Austin Bliss, among other leaders in the industry...
May 14, 2007

Three Reasons (of Many) to Attend ACCM

Multichannel Merchant
From MultiChannel Merchant
April 2, 2007

Avoid the Postal Hike Blues with E-mail Appending

Multichannel Merchant
by Austin Bliss, President
Postal rates are increasing in May, and smart marketers are insulating themselves from the hit by plunging headfirst into acquiring multichannel contact points for all of their customers...
January 25, 2007

Value Of Email Address A Gap In Marketer’s Toolkit

MediaPost's Email Insider
by Austin Bliss and Stephanie Miller
If marketers can't establish clear ROI of our email file, how can we optimize the subscriber experience and obtain necessary resources? A new survey from the Email Experience Council's List Growth & Engagement Roundtable shows that only two out of five marketers know their cost to acquire an email address...

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November 27, 2006

Study: E-mail Addresses Need Validation

Multichannel Merchant
From MultiChannel Merchant
November 2, 2006

The Triple Tragedy Of Typos

MediaPost's Email Insider
by Austin Bliss
In most computer environments, people have become accustomed to technology rushing to their aid. Unfortunately, visitors to your Web site get none of this assistance when typing their email addresses...
October 18, 2006

Protect Your E-mail Housefile Investment With NCOA

Target Marketing
by Austin Bliss
You may already be familiar with NCOA for your postal addresses, a service that corrects and updates your snail-mail list. What you may not have known is that since 2000, this service also has been available to freshen your e-mail address lists...
October 12, 2006

Snakes In Your Database

MediaPost's Email Insider
by Bill Kaplan
While the movie "Snakes on a Plane" garnered most of the Internet buzz and fun this past summer, marketers are coming to realize that snakes in your database are no laughing matter either...
July 31, 2006

To Append or Not to Append

Multichannel Merchant
by Natalie Hahn O'Flaherty, Marketing Manager
If you've ever considered using e-mail appending to grow your customer list, then you're probably familiar with the horror stories...
June 6, 2006

Three Strategies for E-mail List Hygiene

Fundraising Success
by Natalie Hahn O'Flaherty
A clean e-mail list is essential for effective e-mail marketing and fundraising campaigns for several reasons...
April 19, 2006

Email Addresses Found for 12 Percent on Snail Mail Lists

Email appending services provider FreshAddress says it's possible to find email addresses for 5-12 percent of customer names on various offline mailing lists...
April 18, 2006

Study: E-Mail Addresses Found For One In Eight Postal Addresses

Mediapost's Online Media Daily
by Wendy Davis
E-mail marketing services company FreshAddress, Inc., based in Newton, Mass., intends to release data today showing that in the last year...
March 1, 2006

Taking the Sting Out of Nondeliverable Email Addresses

Outsourcing Journal
Studies indicate that about one-third of the email addresses to which a company sends marketing communications will bounce back as undeliverable over the course of a year. This is a huge problem for companies trying to stay in touch and increase revenue through email marketing...
February 6, 2006

FreshAddress Adds Opt-In Email Appending

Multichannel Merchant
From MultiChannel Merchant
January 25, 2006

Retailers Fail at Email Address Validation

Chris Baggott's Email Marketing Best Practices
by Chris Baggott
Hats off to the folks at FreshAddress for bringing to light an extremely important study on the costs & issues of bad email addresses...
January 24, 2006

Study: E-Commerce Sites Flunk E-Mail Validation

by Kristen Bremner
E-tailers are slow to discover address entry errors that consumers commonly make when registering at Web sites...

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December 19, 2005

Where Do We Draw The Line?

Mediapost's Email Insider
Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress, weighs in on the topic of unsolicited e-mail communications...
November 7, 2005

Database Hygiene: Clean Is Good

MediaPost's Email Insider
by David Baker
FreshAddress, Inc. CEO Bill Kaplan shares his thoughts on email appending and email change of address
November 1, 2005

Big Storms May Pinch DMers, Too

FreshAddress decided to offer free e-mail appending and free change of address services to nonprofits during the (Katrina) emergency...
June 13, 2005

Is Your E-Mail List Clean or Dirty?

ClickZ Network
by Paul Soltoff
A basic reason your email may be not getting through is your database is dirty. The folks at FreshAddress, an email building and updating firm, shared some case histories illustrating how they've helped turn clients' dirty lists into clean, deliverable ones that produce results...
February 10, 2005

FCC Protects Wireless Users From Spam

B2B Magazine
FreshAddress, an e-mail marketing services provider, on Thursday announced it has already integrated the FCC’s Wireless Domain List into its e-mail address database solutions...

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November 18, 2004

FreshAddress Releases Append Rate Data

B2B Magazine
by Kate Maddox
FreshAddress, an e-mail service provider based in Newton, Mass., released a report that found the average e-mail append match rate was 15.1% for commercial clients, compared with an e-mail append match rate of 10.3% for non-profit organizations...
October 27, 2004

Ideas to Combat E-mail Bounces

Target Marketing Tipline
by Irene Cherkassky
FreshAddress, Inc. President Austin C. Bliss shares his insights at the Direct Marketing Association Annual Conference...
February 2, 2004

E-mail Database Provides a Fresh Take on Change-of-Address Information

Mass High Tech
by Elizabeth Dinan
The "a-ha" moment for Austin Bliss (FreshAddress Founder) came in 1998 after he changed jobs and realized the move meant his long-time e-mail address was suddenly useless...

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December 1, 2003

“Click Here to Send Marketing E-mail”

ABA Bank Marketing
by Janet Bigham Bernstel
FreshAddress, Inc. CEO Bill Kaplan offers extensive tips on how banks can bounceproof their email address lists...
July 2, 2003

“Email Marketing Opening New Doors”

Mediapost's OMMA Magazine
FreshAddress listed among select email service providers trying to simplify email marketing for businesses...
April 9, 2003

“Tips to Bounce-Proof Your E-Mail List”

The DMA Spotlight
by Bill Kaplan
The Direct Marketing Association features whitepaper by Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress, Inc...
March 26, 2003

“Email List Hygiene 101 – How to Clean Your List, Plus 7 Ways to Stop Names From Going Bad”

January 30, 2003

“FreshAddress Builds & Updates Retailers E-mail Lists”

Opt-In News
January 27, 2003

“Change in E-Mmail Riles Users”

The Boston Globe
by Peter J. Howe
President Austin Bliss interviewed on how FreshAddress.com's free services can help attbi.com users stay connected when forced to change their email addresses...

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September 19, 2002

“Email Service Offers ECOA For Appending”

Opt-In News
September 17, 2002

“FreshAddress Offers E-Mail Append”

May 16, 2002

“How Useful Are ECOA Services?”

Opt-in News
by Clint Symons, Publisher
Interview with William Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress, Inc...
April 18, 2002

“Company Helps Purge Invalid E-Mail Addresses”

iMedia Connection
E-mail change-of-address service (ECOA) can help companies maintain and maximize the value of their e-mail databases...
March 20, 2002

The Improper Bostonian

FreshAddress.com described as "a solution for those who have defunct e-mail addresses."...
March 14, 2002

“FreshAddress and Dunhill Form Email Partnership”

Opt-in News
February 19, 2002

“Melissa Data Teams with ECOA Service”

by Kristen Bremner
February 6, 2002

“Email Address Changer Reaches 2500″

Opt-in News

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December 14, 2001

“Bounces Eat Profits”

e-commerce guide.com
by Robyn Greenspan
FreshAddress provides a business solution designed to eliminate dead e-mail contacts and improve the deliverable rate. ...the process helps to "bounce-proof" your e-mail, resulting in more eyeballs per mailing...
December 7, 2001

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Dan Richman mentions FreshAddress.com as the email address change resource for the 130,000 Washington AT&T Broadband customers recently cut off by Excite @Home...
December 3, 2001


Maggie Overfelt recommends FreshAddress.com as one of "five websites not to miss"...
November 14, 2001


T. J. Ripley writes that FreshAddress.com "is handy for people who change their email addresses frequently or who have several old addresses they wish to consolidate..."
October 30, 2001

“Millard Teams with ECOA Service”

October 12, 2001

“How Fresh Are Opt-in Email Lists?”

Opt-in News
by Rodney Much
October 10, 2001

“FreshAddress.com, eContacts announce partnership”

Newton TAB
September 27, 2001

“ECOA Service Launches New Plug-In Technology For Majordomo” Opt-in News

August 27, 2001

Mass High Tech

by Patricia Resende
Site sources change of e-mail addresses...
August 20, 2001

Mass High Tech

"FreshAddress Inc. of Newton, a change-of-e-mail-address service, has announced the addition of Game Revolution to its roster of FreshAddress Network Members..."
July 15, 2001

“Game Revolution Taps Change of Email Address Service”

"Game Revolution Taps Change of Email Address Service"
Opt-in News
June 26, 2001

“YourCompass and FreshAddress Team for Cross-Market Opportunities”

Opt-in News
June 3, 2001

Realty Times

FreshAddress.com is selected as site of the day...
January 22, 2001

“What’s Your FreshAddress?”

FreshAddress.com featured as the DigitalMASS Startup Spotlight...
January 8, 2001


FreshAddress.com selected as Link of the Week. "When people change homes, jobs, schools, ISPs, or email accounts, it can be hard to stay in touch by email. This free email address registry has a feature called the FreshAddress Book that gives members automatic updates of the email addresses of their registered friends and associates..."

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November 12, 2000

“Service Merges Old, New Addresses”

The Boston Globe
"Job-jumpers who leave old e-mail addresses in their wake - and colleagues wondering how to find them - might want to try a new online service, FreshAddress.com, where they can register both their old and new addresses..."

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