Email Marketing Optimization Solutions

The pressure is increasing to tailor communications, demonstrate recipient engagement, and avoid sending mistakes. At the same time, email marketers can become mired in big data without actionable insights.

Turn fears about big, bad data into confidence and improved ROI with FreshAddress®.

Transforming Uncertainty into Insight

FreshAddress arms email marketers with simple, actionable tools to protect their email marketing program and increase revenue:

  • Email List Cleaning and Validation: Make regular email hygiene a foundation for your healthy email marketing program. Correct hygiene errors, avoid blacklists, and increase deliverability by removing bouncing email addresses, disposable domains, and toxic-but-deliverable spamtraps and honeypots with FreshAddress’s SafeToSend® service.
  • Email Creative Archive by FreshAddress: Email Creative Archive is a free email campaign database that can be used to find creative inspiration and track competitors. Search by subject line, company, send time, and more.

Send the right offer to the right person at the right email address…and drive more revenues.