List Guard Overview

Your list is SafeToSend®  – now keep it clean!

A clean list doesn’t stay that way forever. In fact, up to 6% of good emails turn toxic each year.

Emails go from good to bad when:

  • Someone leaves a job
  • An ISP changes their flagging algorithm
  • Your internal process misses removing a flagged email

FreshAddress List Guard®  provides “always on” protection to keep your list clean.

How does it work?

  • Integrated with SafeToSend – Addresses from your SafeToSend projects are automatically placed into your List Guard account
  • Automated Alerts – List Guard® alerts you when a bad email is found, allowing you to focus on other priorities while FreshAddress safeguards your list
  • Constantly Updated- List Guard keeps you on the cutting edge by automatically incorporating new intelligence that FreshAddress uncovers and adds to its knowledgebase about potentially toxic addresses (e.g., newly created and discovered spamtraps)


“By using List Guard to maintain a clean list, we have been able to raise our inbox deliverability and increase our conversion rates. I think List Guard is a fantastic option for anyone that wants to continue having a clean, healthy list.”
– Kristi Treder, Drs. Foster & Smith.