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Email Address Collection Best Practices

9 Tips for capturing quality email addresses

How to Prepare your Email List for the Customer Journey

Email is a key player on the customer journey. Although customer journey mapping can give you endless opportunities for creating email marketing, your database must pass three major stress tests to make sure it’s up to the task of carrying the messaging load for your customers’ journeys.

The Dangers of a Bad Append

When it comes to email appending, if it seems too good to be true or too cheap to be good, it very likely is! Our latest whitepaper provides real-life examples of appending projects gone wrong and delivers actionable tips for getting it right. Download it today!

Understanding the Email Unsubscribe Process

The unsubscribe function is one of the most important, but misunderstood, parts of your email message. You must give recipients a way to stop messages from coming. (That’s the law of the land in nearly every country on earth!)

Improving Email Deliverability Through Better List Hygiene

Are email deliverability issues keeping you up at night? If so, the chances are better than 90% that your problem stems from an issue with your email list. All it takes is one bad apple in your database to bring your email program to a screeching halt. This whitepaper outlines actionable steps that marketers can take today to prevent deliverability problems by focusing on the quality of the email addresses in their database.

Spamtrap 101: The Email Marketer’s Guide to Understanding Spamtraps

At some point in their career, most email marketers will ask themselves the following questions: What is a Spamtrap? Are they bad? How do Spamtraps end up on my list? What happens if I send to a Spamtrap? How do I avoid Spamtraps? This whitepaper answers all of these questions and more. Download it today and take a giant stride towards a Spamtrap-free life and increased ROI on your email marketing efforts.

The Nonprofit Marketer’s Guide to Email Validation & Hygiene

(Featured in the January 2017 edition of the DMA Nonprofit Federation Journal) How focused is your nonprofit on email address quality? If the answer is “not very,” you could be costing your organization a boatload in lost donations. Learn how.


Whether you realize it or not, there’s a price tag attached to every email address in your database. How well you manage the quality of those addresses can mean the difference between the success or failure of your email marketing efforts. What does clean really mean when it comes to your email list? You might think your email list is clean if your last email campaign didn’t generate any hard bounces. Well, that’s a start. But a “clean” email list is more than one that has correctly formatted addresses, and “cleaning a list” involves much more than just removing undeliverable addresses.

Score, Design, and Test

Email marketers often view optimization in two extremes: fixing just one part of your program will make everything all better, or, you have to fix everything in order to make a difference. Neither idea is true, which is probably a relief if you don’t relish the idea of starting over from scratch. But it also means that simply redesigning your email templates or increasing frequency won’t be enough to turn around an underperforming email program.

How Nonprofits Can Leverage Email To Increase Donor Engagement

FreshAddress and the Environmental Defense Fund's Online Fundraising Manager Emily Stevenson share tips and advice on how nonprofits can leverage email to increase donor engagement. Learn how, as a nonprofit, you can use ECOA, appending, email validation, multichannel marketing, segmentation, and more to increase donations.

Growing Your Email List While Keeping it Clean: It’s All About Data Quality

Last October, someone at the American Direct Marketing Association hit “send” for an email campaign that ended up being the blast heard ‘round the world’— and not in a good way. Whoever hit the send button that day is probably still easily startled by sudden loud noises. The campaign hit more than 100 spam traps and email inboxes of some of the world’s most prominent anti-spammers. At least one of the messages reportedly hit anti-spam outfit Spamhaus’s chief executive Steve Linford’s personal address.

The Perils of Going Cheap: Why You Should Only Work with an Email Database Services Partner You Trust

Like a fabulously high match rate, a fabulously low price for email appending or list hygiene services calls for a reality check. Top-quality database services don’t come cheap. This paper will outline key areas where the services of cheap vendors tend to fall short as well as the risks their shortcomings pose to your email program and your business as a whole.

The List Churn Epidemic: How to Diagnose, Treat and Immunize your Database

“30% of your house list change their email addresses annually or become inactive.” This statistic, universally quoted by experts throughout the email marketing industry, refers to an infectious disease commonly known as “list churn.” And every email database suffers from it. This paper will explain how to diagnose and fix your problems.

Re-engaging Your Inactive Customers

Inactive customers might just be the most misunderstood and neglected segment of your customer database. According to email industry experts, 50% or more of a typical B2C (business-to-consumer) file can be inactive. Given the significant cost to acquire these customers and email addresses coupled with the substantial missed revenue opportunities due to inactivity, it is critical for companies to develop appropriate win-back strategies for these valuable lost customers.

Anytime is the Right Time for “Spring Cleaning”

We all use the catchphrase “spring cleaning,” but it’s actually appropriate anytime necessity dictates that businesses get around to the housekeeping tasks they’ve intended to do for months. When cleaning time comes around, email databases are great candidates for de-cluttering, scrubbing, vacuuming, and then polishing to a fine sheen.

Email Append Vendor Selection Guidelines

Not sure what to look for when evaluating email appending vendors? This document presents some key criteria to consider when selecting a company to handle your customer list.