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FreshAddress® helps companies that depend on email to drive revenue by building, updating, segmenting, and cleaning their email lists.

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drive revenue through email

Leverage our solutions for customer acquisition,
customer retention, and marketing optimization.

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Expert marketers hire experts.

Be in good company with the Fortune 1000 and leading nonprofits.

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List Guard

FreshAddress’s “always-on” email hygiene protection, List Guard, helps you increase your marketing ROI.

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About FreshAddress

Founded in 1999, FreshAddress® offers patented Email Change of Address (ECOA), Postal and Email Appending, Email Validation, and Email Scoring among other services.

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Emails Processed


Introducing..Audience Connector

FreshAddress Audience Connector helps you reach more Facebook users by converting your existing email and direct mail customer or prospect databases into targetable custom audiences on Facebook.



Upcoming Event

Jun 5-8, 2016 Email Insider Summit

Suzanne Shaughnessy, Director of Strategic Solutions, will be attending.

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What they’re saying...

FreshAddress was indispensable and crucial for communicating with lost members, re-engaging them to the mission and creating a profitable fundraising outcome. Best of all, ASPCA reported an ROI OF 91% on these projects.

Debbie Swider, eMarketing Senior Manager, ASPCA