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Here’s what Dan Zarrella says about getting people to share your Twitter updates, based on a study of millions of tweets: “I found that the phrases “please retweet” and “please rt” led to more retweets” Or as my parents used to say, “If you don’t A-S-K, you won’t G-E-T!” Many… Read More

Facebook is great for interaction and conversation with consumers. It’s not quite so successful at driving direct sales, website visits and similar. In fact, surveys show people much prefer email for getting marketing messages. For B2C organizations, it makes sense to exploit Facebook’s reach among consumers when building your list, for… Read More

Everyone has seen the flood of recent articles promoting the synergies between email and social media marketing.  I agree with 100% of these articles: the synergies between these two channels cannot be ignored.  Let’s take a more specific approach and focus on a specific platform: Twitter.  How can you drive… Read More

My children tease me about becoming a Pin(terest)-Head. My friends know that any conversation can result in my pulling out my iPhone to show my latest pinned favorites. Fabulous appetizer recipes? I have them pinned. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fingernails? They’re on my My Style board! The amazing rug I… Read More

The rise in popularity of social media doesn’t mean the demise of email marketing. In fact, social media has the potential to elevate the effectiveness of email when the two are integrated wisely. Each channel has a valuable role to play. Social is an ideal tool for informal, organic “conversations,”… Read More