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Email marketers know that it takes data to determine just the right timing, cadence, offer, and design. Important marketing questions can be answered by gut feel, but that usually gives the fastest – rather than best – answer. Just look at WhichTestWon’s Test of the Week. More often than not,… Read More

You might already be familiar with the opt-down. Managed through a preference center, this best-practice allows a subscriber who might completely remove himself from your email communications to reduce frequency and/or refine the content he sees. Though his marketing preferences are at a reduced or restricted level, it doesn’t force… Read More

When people think of email marketing, they usually think of increasing sales, leads, or website visits with offers and content. Email, however, is a versatile business tool that can help your organization in other ways, too. One example is customer surveys. Let’s look at some practical ideas for making the most… Read More

Collecting subscriber data right in the sign-up form can be tricky. You don’t want to jeopardize conversion rates by demanding too much additional information along with the email address. Fortunately, you may have existing customer data to fall back on, or can source that information from a data append service. And, of… Read More

I’ve written before about our new service line – email scoring – launched with our product eSpend Score. (You can read discussions by Ken Magill and David Daniels) In this article, I want to share the results that a simple, actionable email score can deliver. First, a refresher: eSpend Score is… Read More

Marketers trying to chart the right segmentation and targeting course for their organization face a fundamental blind spot: A customer who has not shown interest in your offers either may not want what you are offering, or your marketing efforts may not be speaking to him or her in the… Read More

Send the right offer to the right customer at the right email address – that’s a key goal of a robust email marketing program. How do you accomplish this? The answer shouldn’t be surprising: Know your customers. But that can mean a lot of different things. There’s a lot of… Read More

More than ever before, businesses are flooded with information. Purchase histories, demographics, credit data, direct mail info, behavioral characteristics, and a plethora of other customer information are being amassed in different silos throughout every business organization. The problem, however, is that the data is not only being collected from various… Read More