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As you put your 2018 marketing plans together, you’ll concentrate on acquisition, budget and campaigns. We would like to add another item to your list and move it to the No. 1 priority: Your data! Why data? Because data is the lifeblood of your marketing program. Without fresh, accurate and… Read More

So, how’s your holiday email-marketing program faring? The season got off to a roaring start with a record-setting Thanks-into-Giving Week, the six-day spending spree that launched on Thanksgiving Day and closed on Giving Tuesday. By all accounts it was a banner year for email – revenue up 14% and orders up… Read More

The Sales Funnel is a Lie! Well, maybe not an out-and-out untruth. But, as a sales model, it oversimplifies the path to purchase as a straight line from intent to purchase to loyalty. That’s why so many marketers have begun working with customer journey mapping – it recognizes that a… Read More

Imagine your brand is a household name with a catalog of successful products. You conduct some initial testing of a new advertising tool that generates fantastic results and holds big potential to drive sales to new heights. Next? You (obviously) celebrate! But then… Not so fast! More comprehensive testing uncovers some major limitations. You realize that… Read More

Our latest case study details how Nautilus turned to FreshAddress for help finding more customers to advertise to with Facebook Custom Audiences. The end result? Bigger Facebook Custom Audiences; and Greater ROI on Facebook Advertising. (Read the Free Case Study) Our Audience Connector service helped Nautilus grow their custom audiences… Read More

Are You Using Facebook Custom Audiences? Facebook has become a crossroads of society, with more than 156 million users in the United States alone and 1.4 billion worldwide. Given those user numbers, a sizable share of your customer database (email subscribers, direct-mail customers, prospects and inactives) is most likely among… Read More

Companies spent about $1 billion per month on Facebook advertising last year, so it isn’t exactly news that Facebook is an increasingly important way for businesses to reach consumers.  And if you’re up to date on Facebook advertising you’re probably also aware that Facebook offers Custom Audiences, a way for… Read More