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“How often should I email my subscribers?” It’s an important question, especially if you worry that you’re emailing too often or wondering whether your subscribers would tolerate more emails. But maybe that’s not the best way to get the right answer. Try this: Should different customer groups get different frequencies?… Read More

Marketers these days are swamped with so much data their heads are spinning and they don’t know where to turn. Wrapping one’s arms around all of these data points (e.g. opens, clicks, complaints, demographic and psychographic attributes, and purchase activity, etc.) requires expertise across many disciplines, including: Technology – To capture, assemble,… Read More

Why FreshAddress is the Matchmaker for Your Email List What do online dating services and FreshAddress have in common? We both use data to bring people together! Maybe you’ve heard that the email relationship is like dating. You woo your subscribers with relevant emails that deliver what you promised when… Read More

Being an effective email marketer isn’t always easy… Most days, there just aren’t enough hours (or resources) to do it all. This is especially true when it comes to email list segmentation. Sure, the benefits of segmenting your email communications are crystal clear: Better engagement: Cut through inbox noise and deliver relevant… Read More

Are You Using Facebook Custom Audiences? Facebook has become a crossroads of society, with more than 156 million users in the United States alone and 1.4 billion worldwide. Given those user numbers, a sizable share of your customer database (email subscribers, direct-mail customers, prospects and inactives) is most likely among… Read More

The 9th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference in National Harbor, MD, adjacent to Washington, DC, was a huge success. The exhibit hall was abuzz with major nonprofit decision makers in search of vendors to help them with all aspects of their online and offline marketing initiatives.  Integrated… Read More

According to the 2012 Nonprofit Donor Engagement Study released by NTEN,  email has become a staple in nonprofit communication strategies. With over 52% of supporters engaging with their favorite organizations via email, and at nearly one third of the cost of direct mail, its economy and power are undeniable. It… Read More

Today, we’re inviting general participation in a beta test period for a new email marketing service that leverages our industry leading Email Change of Address technology (ECOA): Future Email Change of Address (FECOA). FECOA solves the vexing problem of not knowing which email address a currently active email subscriber will prefer in… Read More

As a product manager, it’s easy for me to focus on the shiny new thing – the latest idea or an exciting new service. The ways we add value to or our existing services, however, are just as important. We’ve been asking ourselves, “How can we make our clients more successful?… Read More

I’ve written before about our new service line – email scoring – launched with our product eSpend Score. (You can read discussions by Ken Magill and David Daniels) In this article, I want to share the results that a simple, actionable email score can deliver. First, a refresher: eSpend Score is… Read More