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We all know that email addresses are critical to your company’s success. But, are you doing all you can to capture the highest volume of quality email addresses possible? Here are 8 tips to get you moving in the right direction! 1. Ask for your customer’s email address everywhere! On… Read More

Are You Hitting Spamtraps? Usually your ESP will let you know if you message a spamtrap. Alternatively, you can utilize a service that monitors blacklists or you can simply watch your marketing outcomes – if you are seeing a decrease in your key performance metrics (sometimes only within a single… Read More

What Is A Spamtrap? A valid, deliverable email address that is exclusively used to receive unsolicited email Incoming messages are monitored by human or automated processes May be virginal (i.e. a new email address) or re-purposed (i.e. previously used by a person) Appearance-wise, may be indistinguishable from any normal email… Read More

One of my pet peeves is a web form with an email address input box that is too small.  Look at this example: For anyone with a longer email address, this is a common occurrence.  Not only is this annoying, but how can I be sure I keystroked correctly if… Read More

Companies spent about $1 billion per month on Facebook advertising last year, so it isn’t exactly news that Facebook is an increasingly important way for businesses to reach consumers.  And if you’re up to date on Facebook advertising you’re probably also aware that Facebook offers Custom Audiences, a way for… Read More

Is your email list ready to go back to school? It’s back to school season, which for many types of retailers is a lot like Christmas.  If you’re an office supplies company, clothing retailer, or one of the many other retailers who target families, you know what I’m talking about…. Read More

Dear Mrs. Clinton, We were sorry to read that you’ve been having more email issues lately. Only 100,000 of 2.5 million email addresses on your 2008 campaign mailing list are still valid? Yipes! We can’t do anything about that business with the private email server, but we can fix this… Read More

Your father didn’t have to be the world’s greatest email marketer in order to impart some valuable life lessons. In honor of Fathers Day on June 21, here are three timeless Dad-isms that also apply to email: Email marketing tips from dad 1. Use the right tools. Whether you’re changing… Read More

  Our SafeToSend email validation service just processed its five billionth email address!  WOW! It’s hard to get your head around a number that big, so we came up with a few ways to visualize it: To the moon: If each email address was a dollar bill, 5 billion would stack… Read More

Optimization is always on an email marketer’s mind. That was certainly the case earlier this month when I led a busy session on this topic at the Email Evolution Conference in Miami, Florida. One point to remember about email optimization is that it’s a continuous process with three distinct strategies:… Read More