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Working at FreshAddress: Meet Joel Carela, Client Support Specialist Joel (pronounced “Jo-ell”) is a Washington D.C. native and a graduate from The College of William and Mary. He started his career in the nonprofit sector working for the National Park Service and the Latin American Youth Center. After relocating to Boston… Read More

Retail email marketers should take note of two trends that emerged from the recent Black Friday-Cyber Monday shopping extravaganza as consumers get down to the serious business of holiday shopping: 1. Mobile traffic and sales jumped this year but still lag desktops for conversions and sales. Stats: Mobile set records… Read More

It’s finally December and you know what that means… it’s officially and socially acceptable to listen to your holiday playlist on Spotify!  While this is obviously one of the most exciting things about December, cue Mariah, this time of year also means that holiday email campaigns are in full swing. … Read More

How To Keep & Attract Email Subscribers This Holiday Season As an e-commerce marketer, you’ve probably tuned up your websites to handle all the traffic headed your way in the next few weeks. Is your email opt-in program equally ready to convert these visitors into email subscribers? Naturally, you should… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of Turkey Day, we asked the FreshAddress team to weigh in on how they celebrate the holiday.  Here are the results: What are your favorite ways to celebrate Thanksgiving?  Share them with us @FreshAddress!

Being an effective email marketer isn’t always easy… Most days, there just aren’t enough hours (or resources) to do it all. This is especially true when it comes to email list segmentation. Sure, the benefits of segmenting your email communications are crystal clear: Better engagement: Cut through inbox noise and deliver relevant… Read More

Are You Ready for the Thanksgiving Rush? Black Friday and Cyber Monday rule November, but Thanksgiving is becoming a shopping powerhouse by itself.  Last year on Thanksgiving Day, online sales were up 14.3 percent over 2013, according to IBM Digital Analytics. These 3 strategies can help you stand out in… Read More

One of my pet peeves is a web form with an email address input box that is too small.  Look at this example: For anyone with a longer email address, this is a common occurrence.  Not only is this annoying, but how can I be sure I keystroked correctly if… Read More

The undead that roam the earth at Halloween are kindergarteners compared with the terrors in your email address database. These frightful specimens can kill your email marketing program faster than you can yell “Trick or Treat!” Why? Because they siphon money away to find and fix them. They can get… Read More

Halloween at FreshAddress is kind of a big deal.  Each year, FreshAddress staffers go all out in scary, funny, and crafty Halloween costumes and compete in our annual costume contest.  We’ve had a mummy, a gnome, The Cat in the Hat, Katniss, and a minion walk through our doors on… Read More