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Spend five minutes with any email expert and they’ll tell you to “deliver value to your subscribers!” OK, it’s good advice. But…hot offers and content are just a waste of inbox space if your email doesn’t catch the subscriber’s attention. And if they don’t even recognize your email, they might… Read More

Send the right offer to the right customer at the right email address – that’s a key goal of a robust email marketing program. How do you accomplish this? The answer shouldn’t be surprising: Know your customers. But that can mean a lot of different things. There’s a lot of… Read More

Email Hygiene Rule number 1 is to protect your current email database. When collecting email addresses, really assure and comfort your customers. Also make sure to assure them of their privacy. Let them know you will not sell or rent their email to third parties, or whatever your internal privacy… Read More

In this issue we profile Jeremy Laverdiere, Account Manager here at FreshAddress. Jeremy has worked at FreshAddress since May of 2011. Read on to hear him share some great insight into success in sales and life… FreshPerspectives: So I hear that two exciting things took place for you career-wise over… Read More

Like a good argument? Simply ask email experts to describe the “right” subject line approach. Then step back and enjoy the fun discussions on length, branding, personalization, capitalization, symbols, punctuation and, of course, words like “free”. Given the ongoing arguments, should you just rely on your intuition to write a… Read More

How election strategies and everyday marketing can benefit from email database services When you work and live in the email world, email marketing becomes the prism through which you look at life—and the news! That’s why email marketers were so eager to analyze the recent Presidential campaign. Based on statements… Read More

In the spirit of ghouls and ghosts, dead and the undead, I’d like to share a few tales of resurrecting dead email lists, really dead lists. So gather round my wide-eyed brethren and listen with bated breath as we pay several visits to different crypts, email crypts if you will…. Read More

In our continuing Partner Insights series, we ask several email industry experts to weigh in on a timely topic of concern to email marketers today. This time, we’re focusing on how to keep the holiday rush from being frightful and instead how to make it the most lucrative possible. Our… Read More

With autumn upon us, my thoughts turn toward the months ahead—a time of warm conversation, good food, and good company as we come together with family and friends. Being warm and cozy inside as the leaves change outside, and eventually yield to winter snow, is one of my favorite things…. Read More

In the last edition of our newsletter, we wrote about the July 31, 2012 launch of Microsoft’s new webmail service, Now that roughly two months have elapsed, the question is… has it taken off? Are customers switching from their old Microsoft domain (e.g. hotmail) to And are we… Read More