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We want to wish all of our FreshPerspectives readers a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2012! As we close out 2011, it’s a great opportunity to set priorities for the coming twelve months. Whether you’re new to email marketing or an industry veteran, consider these New Year’s Resolutions to help ring… Read More

This month we asked several email industry experts to provide their tips and advice on a topic that is sure to be top of mind with the increased email marketing activity this holiday season: what to do about hard and soft bounces. Without further ado, let’s introduce this month’s panelists:… Read More

As most of our readers are aware, in late September, as part of a bankruptcy auction, Barnes & Noble acquired all of Borders’s intellectual property – including a customer database of 48 million records – for $13.9 million. Barnes & Noble then emailed Borders’s former customers, requesting that they opt-out… Read More

What happens when a customer enters an invalid email address into your online registration or enrollment page? When we ask our clients “What’s your typo rate?” most people’s response is: “If it bounces, my ESP filters it out and eliminates it from my list. It’s not a big deal.” The… Read More

With the holiday email season at hand, it’s an opportune time to discuss the double-edged sword of email marketing: the spamtrap. On the one hand, spamtraps are a valuable tool for identifying and fighting spam, defined as unsolicited bulk email (sometimes referred to as UBE). On the other, much to… Read More

The Holiday Hustle The holidays seem to arrive earlier and earlier with each successive year. While the Friday after Thanksgiving used to mark the unofficial start of the holiday season, retailers have set the clock ahead in recent years, beginning holiday marketing in earnest on November 1st. According to Responsys’s… Read More

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Return Path recently released its Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, 1H 2011, and aggregate email deliverability stats have essentially remained stagnant over the past five years. According to Return Path’s study, “email deliverability still plagues commercial email senders worldwide with… Read More

Last month FreshPerspectives explored the anatomy of a “Phishing Attack” and gave some tips on how to recognize attempts to commandeer personal information online. This month we outline how to proactively prevent damage from phishing expeditions and how to respond if you suspect an attack may have succeeded. To review,… Read More

With high-profile data breaches in the news every day in the past months, most companies and individuals have found themselves doing a lot of introspection. “Could it happen to me?” is the first question they ask themselves, followed immediately by “How can I prevent it?” By now most people realize… Read More

A question we get asked time and time again by our clients – “How often should we email our subscribers?” – seems so simple on its face. So why is it that the simplest questions often require the most sophisticated answers? Not Too Hot and Not Too Cold One obvious… Read More