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Unsubscribe List File Format

Format your list as a tab delimited text file (*.txt) of all email addresses that have unsubscribed from your email communications. Please do not include quotes or other text qualifiers.

The field below is required:


Please use the following naming convention for your file:

[FreshAddress job number]_unsubscribes_[record count].txt
Ex: 1010_unsubscribes_120000.txt 

Excluding brand fields or any other extra field necessary to process your job, your input file may contain up to 3 additional fields.

Your input file should not contain any unnecessary sensitive information of any kind, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, financial information, birth dates and medical information. Files that contain any such data will be destroyed upon receipt.

NOTE: Improperly-formatted lists will be charged a Data Formatting Fee and may cause delays in processing.

If you have any data formatting questions, contact the FreshAddress List Processing Team either via email or at 617.965.4500 x 222.